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Drug Development Knowledge and Know-how at your fingertips...


Online School

On-demand mini-course to get you oriented withing the vast field of Drug Development, with extra focus on CMC.

Learn of the journey from bench to bedside, the regulatory paradigm, and the main pillars of CMC development.

Online school


Hands-on support and Strategy consulting

Augment your C​MC Development and Regulatory Affairs team with Raz Eliav's firsthand experience in:

  • Establish and operate a phase-appropriate CMC development strategy

  • Science and Risk-based CMC troubleshooting- accommodating the "right thing to do" with the Startup reality and constraints

  • Assistance with CMC operations: CMO selection, Tech transfers, Process development studies, etc.

  • Regulatory submissions and meetings- authoring, review and strategy

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Dedicated CMC and RA Training

Beyond CMC offers a rich portfolio of CMC Training courses, which can be tailored to:

  • Your  team's needs,

  • Your specific product modality

  • Your stage of development (from Bench to Commercial)

Knoweldge Management and Digital Transformation

Establish an in-house practice of Knowledge management and /or initiate your digital transformation, as we step towards the Regulatory requirements of tomorrow.

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