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My name is Raz Eliav. I started Beyond CMC with a mission to curate Knowledge and Know-how on Pharmaceutical Development, CMC, and Beyond!

During the day, I work as a CMC consultant - my clients are start-up companies developing new drugs: biological and other types. I help them with their day-to-day CMC and Regulatory operations. Some projects I meet at a specific crossroads and accompany them through it- for example CMO selection, transition to the next phase of clinical development, and regulatory interactions. From time to time, I help companies with overall CMC gap assessments and strategic planning and investors running through due diligence, 


My career path has landed me a unique opportunity to work on multiple different projects at all stages of development- starting from the bench, and all the way through to NDA (still crossing my fingers for it!). I have experience with diverse product modalities - Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, cell therapies, and more...


Each of these types of products has a vast array of nuances, but they all share similar principles. I find beauty in connecting these dots- context is the basis of Knowledge and Know-how, and this is my guiding principle in curating the content in Beyond CMC.

Hope you find this website useful and hope to see you in the corridors of the industry one day!

A few words of introduction, taken from the CMC Essentials Training Course:

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