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Dedicated Regulatory and CMC Training

Keeping up with professional training is challenging.

The Pharma industry is very knowledge-intensive, and each type of product has its own Regulatory and CMC nuances.

Training your team has the highest ROI potential of all other investments:

  • They know the product better than the external consultants and service providers

  • They are the basis of continuity in the "Virtual  Company" model of many small startups 

If you are on the Service Provider side, your clients probably present unique situations all the time.


Training your team helps them understand new situations quickly, and better engage with Technical and Regulatory experts.

Beyond CMC offers a rich portfolio of CMC Training courses, which can be tailored to:

  • Your  team's needs,

  • Your specific product modality

  • Your stage of development (from Bench to Commercial) 

  • Your service offering (i.e CDMOs, Service labs, and consultants)

Training options

  • High-level introductory sessions (~1.5-3 hrs) to touch upon the key aspects of Drug Development and CMC - suitable to all teams and function

  • Deep dive Training courses for people involved in  CMC-related  functions, e.g.

    • Quality Assurance

    • Project Managers

    • Regulatory Affairs

  • Anything in​ between, tailored to specific teams and needs, e.g.

    • Team specific GMP Training

    • Phase-appropriate Quality/Regulatory practice

    • Points to consider in [Specific product modality] process development- Regulatory, Quality and/or Technical

About the instructor

The courses are offered either online or on-site, and provided by Raz Eliav.


Raz Eliav is a seasoned CMC Development and Regulatory Affairs consultant to startups at all phases of development, and with experience in diverse product modalities, mostly biologicals and advanced therapies.

Raz started Beyond CMC with a mission to facilitate CMC operations to startups- through:

  • Training (dedicated and public)

  • Hands-on work with development teams

  • Strategic CMC and Regulatory consulting



For an open discussion and brain storming on your training needs, please schedule a one-on-one call or shoot us an E-mail.

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