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Digital Swimming lessons

Tossing your child into the deep end of the pool is a sure way to teach them fast.

But what does it teach them?

They surely learn how not to drown.

Maybe develop some trust issues.

But whatever it is they learn, it is not swimming.

To swim fast and efficiently, one must learn some theory and technique.

It’s slow.

It might be boring.

And you look like a fool, waving your hands and legs outside the water.

But it's a crucial step towards connecting the dots and seeing the big picture.

That’s why I don’t like this metaphor when it comes to new projects and workplaces.

I used to brag about my early days in X, when I was thrown into the water.

Surely I didn’t drown, and I even felt that I did well.

But today I know how much energy I had wasted in those early days, and how much faster and easier it would have been for me, had I only known a little more theory and technique.

University gives you the basics (which are critical!), but only when you land in the industry you realize how much more there is to know.

It is inevitable that in each new workplace, a steep learning curve is ahead of us- no matter in which position. But still, when I started out, I could really use an "industry-specific" introduction to the niche where I landed.

So, if you need a short swimming lesson on Drug Development, Clinical trials, Drug Quality and Supply, and the Regulatory framework, join me in the Free Crash course on Drug Development and CMC:

All students meet once a week in the Tree Club for Q&A and discussions.

This Thursday the meeting is open for everyone to join, so please join us!

LinkedIn event invite:

Or just hop on the Zoom (Thursday, Sept 7th. 9:00 AM ET / 15:00 PM CET) Download the calendar invite here:

Hope to see you there!


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