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Don't grow up, it's a trap!

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

Seriously. Don't.

If you are young, and reading this- you probably know this joke already, but I urge you to take it seriously.

The issue is that as we “grow up” there is some implicit expectation that we would “know” how to be adults, and generally have things under control.

You are not supposed to be making mistakes on a regular basis as an adult.

A good adult is a stable one.

Nobody claps at an adult faltering his baby steps.

Still, we learn all the time.


Through the daily struggle called life.

We face challenges we never imagined before, we encounter new technologies, we transition career paths, and we bring children (for heaven’s sake!). Nobody tells us that we will NEVER know it all, have it all, and get all our $#!T finally together…

And that’s a shame because it’s a life feature- not a bug!

Once you realize you never “finish” to grow up, you are much less scared to do mistakes and explore. And the nice thing about it is, that with each mistake you make, you suddenly know Kong-fu.

Just like the baby who dares to make their first steps, for the prize of walking, so are we, grown-ups, who get up each morning into the wild, doing our things for the prize of living.

Regardless if they clap for us or not.

So- really, don’t.


Speaking of which 😉

Did you check out the free crash course I am offering?

It is designed specifically for your morning coffee and preaches a daily learning habit in our forever-changing world.

This mini course is a mile-high overview of the Drug Development process and CMC so if you are new to the field, just curious about it, or already deep inside and want and good introductory resource for your team- do check it out!


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