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Knowledge Culture

Everyone talks about Quality Culture, but what about Knowledge Culture?

What is there to “culture” about knowledge, anyway?

ICH Q10 defines Knowledge management as a “systematic approach to acquiring, analysing, storing and disseminating information related to products”.

But long before we can have systems in place, we need Humans and we beed to foster a company culture.

So what are some good Human habits to Acquire, Analyse, Store and Disseminate information within our teams?

Here is a quick listicle for a weekend reflection:

  • Acquire: Make habit of insourcing your knowledge- don’t leave it all in the hands (and clouds) of your service providers

  • Analyze: Don’t leave any stone unturned. Treat each experiment and development study as a treasure trove and maximize the analysis of that data. Try giving the same data to other people and other disciplines. You’ll be surprised by what they see.

  • Store the data in a way that makes sense to everyone. Align on a common folder structure and nomenclature for development documents that is built with a unified context in mind.

  • Disseminate: Don’t keep it all for yourself! encourage your teams to share insights and learn from each other. Start meetings with a rotating 3-minutes lesson by each department/team member of the most recent lessons learned. Invest in internal project-specific training materials. Use AI to issue meeting highlights and publish them on a common board. Break down the knowledge silos!

Drug Development is knowledge-intensive, and as we progress through the phases, it becomes critical to establish systems to manage all this knowledge.

But in early stage- the least we can do is foster a Knowledge culture, to pave the way for the systems that will follow...


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