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Knowledge to the rescue!

The entire endeavor of drug development is in essence, a quest for knowledge.

We start with zero knowledge about the new molecule- it could be toxic or ineffective, and it could be the next big thing. Who knows?

When we embark on this journey, the risk is inversely proportional to our knowledge, and it shapes the “funnel of death” that kills many projects at early stages. And this is before saying one word about how to manufacture this new drug, which is not always to be taken for granted.

Tapping into sources of knowledge along the way can have a huge impact on the success of our project.

Today in The Tree Club webinar we discussed how to do this with our suppliers and subcontractors, who oftentimes hold vast knowledge and experience from their other projects. Below is a sneak peek of the first slide - the recording will be uploaded soon- follow the link in the first comment to get it.

In a world dominated by outsourcing, the practice of knowledge management is becoming a must-have, especially in heavily knowledge-oriented industries such as drug development.

I help my clients reduce project risks and increase the value of their knowledge assets by insourcing as much knowledge as they can, even (and especially) when the resources are limited...


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