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Time to clean up the Knowledge garage!

Start-ups in pharma are notoriously risky- risks are everywhere, literally.

They start with a drug candidate which is 100% uncertain: It could be toxic or ineffective, OR it could be the next big thing. Nobody knows, and to make it more challenging- it takes years to fully find out through long and expensive clinical trials.

Although they gain mountains of data (and knowledge)- it quickly gets entangled and inaccessible- just look at your own desk, now multiply it by a company.

Investing resources in knowledge management is a hard sell- to companies and individuals alike. Even at the micro level- when all it takes is just a few minutes. We want to run fast, we MUST run fast, but whatever happened to that draft report? or that critical E-mail? Where are they now?

Well, it is somewhere... could be saved in some nested folder on the cloud, or someone's desktop god forbid. It could well be owned by some expert, existing solely in their heads. There are no guarantees that this knowledge will be available when we need it.

Knowledge in the dark becomes stale, irrelevant, and even a burden. Clean up your personal Knowledge garage today and if you find something of value that was forgotten- bring it to light and share it with others, especially within your own team...


I am happy to share with you daily leaves from my personal tree, which revolves around Pharmaceutical Development and CMC.

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