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We are time

We don't have time.

We don't use time.

We are time.

As we walk through the arrow of time, we accumulate experience, knowledge, relationships and hardships. The longer we walk, the more we accumulate.

Engineers use the concept of "Area Under the Curve" to describe features of reality, such as the amount of energy that was spent on something. If we designate time as the X-axis, and the Y-axis is the effort we make in that specific life aspect- the area under the curve would be the sum total of our experience during that time.

It could be those short-term high-peaks of effort we make (all too often) or the slower, long-term growth when we learn and investigate. Either way, both ends represent a finite amount of experience that eventually becomes part of who we are.

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a new skill, but the reality is we can spend only this much time in any single arena. You could pursue a handful of skills to the level of mastery but must accept many other things you would know only superficially, or not at all...

It is not very different for businesses and companies, investing time (and other resources) on things they want to become. Its always a short blanket, and realistic priorities go a long way. I work with companies invested deep into the future (which is inherent to Pharmaceutical Development), and feel how easy it is to neglect the pressing issues in the present. We work constantly in finding the right balance and fine-tuning our daily efforts. I see it also in the life of Beyond CMC - while day dreaming of all the exciting things it could become, and having to land the reality of finitude and priorities.

In the advent of the new year, we are invited to reflect on the year that passed, and the year to come. Where did the arrow of time take you this year? and to where is it pointing?

I wish you all lots of time spent in Love, Curiosity, and Health...

Happy new year ! שנה טובה, וחתימה טובה




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